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by Erica L. Pauda

The clock is ticking. The time is only hours before the deadline for the entire issue of the magazine to be printed. At any given second, you feel like you are about to pull your hair out because you are still waiting on one last interview to write your story that still has to be edited and rushed for printing.

When writing for a magazine, a person experiences these types of scenarios, and deadlines become absolutely crucial to meet. Working under pressure is something that anyone in mass communications should be able to relate to. Meeting deadlines is not an impossible task, but the closer the deadline hits, the more chaos is likely to happen. Any student should always be ready to work hard and fast when there is a deadline.

For Marcus Pauda, associate publisher of College Hot Spots Magazine, the journey is definitely well worth the effort when the time comes to print a new issue.

“I do writing, marketing, PR, sales and handle the business aspects of it,” Pauda says. He also oversees the whole publication process before the next issue is printed.

When Pauda first was hired onto the team as an intern, he never would have expected to be at the position he is in now.

“I got the position by simply proving myself, I guess you could say,” says Pauda. “I started working immediately after I was hired, and after a couple of months of substantial, positive results, my boss was so impressed that he offered me the position.”

Pauda is a communications major, with a minor in mass communications. He went into College Hot Spots not really knowing all of the aspects of a publication.

“It definitely was not what I expected. I thought the magazine was a huge, functioning publication,” he notes. “Little did I know that I would be playing a significant role in the development of this magazine.”

Scott Calvert, owner of College Hot Spots, wanted to focus on the magazine so that students new to Lubbock would feel like they would become more oriented with the town and what it has to offer, as far as restaurants, bars, and recreational places.

“Some people may spend four years here and never know that these places exist,” Calvert said.

The magazine started in 2005. Calvert initially was involved as a sales manager, and he decided to take over in 2008. The magazine staff likes to focus on sales as a whole. That is the reason that Pauda has done so well in his position at the magazine.

“He has been a great influence on the magazine as far as content. He’s pretty much done it all.”
— Scott Calvert

“He has been a great influence on the magazine as far as content. He’s pretty much done it all. Sales drive everything,” Calvert said. He also says that the magazine has experiences both good sales and bad sales, ups and downs, but Pauda has been quite steady in handling the problems.

While interning at College Hot Spots, students can expect to experience what work in sales is like, no matter if the student is in public relations, marketing, writing or photography, Calvert notes.

“It’s very helpful to learn different businesses,” Calvert said. “You can hear about how business works. It’s important for students to see that. We give them an idea about what goes on in the business world.”

Pauda has done everything that has to be handled for a magazine to keep running.

“He has done really well with articles; he has done well with sales; and he has done well with distribution,” Calvert said “He managed the photographers in getting us photos, and he has worked on the public relations side of it, trying to get the name out.”

He comments that Pauda is quite punctual.

“He’s always where he’s supposed to be when he’s going to be there,” says Calvert. “He sticks to his word.”

A subject in one of Pauda’s articles is Amanda Wise, a local artist, who also says that Pauda handles his interviews quite well.

Pauda wrote about Wise in a local artist spotlight feature, and the story focused mainly on how the artist started a business out of her art.

“I definitely would say he’s very thorough. He made sure to mention little details in the story,” Wise explained.

Breezie Moseley, public relations director of College Hot Spots, says she believes that Pauda is one of the greatest communicators she has met in a long time. “Working in the communication industry, he is very personable,” Moseley said. “He is very considerate of anyone he is working with.”

Pauda says that the most difficult obstacles in working for a magazine are endless.

“The magazine industry is for anyone who can handle coming near a heart attack at least once a week,” Pauda said with a laugh. “Everything from meeting deadlines, to finding time to interview people for your cover story, to sales -- all are things that are difficult within a publication.”

“My advice to others is to get out there and make a difference. You'll never know what you can accomplish if you don't get out there and attempt your craft.”
— Marcus Pauda

Anyone interested in an internship should expect to grow as a person, Pauda says.

“My goal is to help the interns receive the full experience of a publication, and not sugar-coat the opportunity,” Pauda said. “This industry is very fast-paced and tough, and at the end of an internship, I want an intern to be a much stronger person.”

Pauda said he believes that he has improved upon his leadership skills, noting that the owners of the magazine saw how much of a leader he was, and that was why he was offered the job.

With graduation peeking just around the corner, Pauda says he thinks that he has endless opportunities just from working with College Hot Spots.

“My advice to others is to get out there and make a difference,” said Pauda. “You'll never know what you can accomplish if you don't get out there and attempt your craft.” mc

Erica L. Pauda is a senior journalism major from Lubbock, Texas.

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