Hispanic Publishing Evolves

by Kate Westfall, photo by David Vaughn

Arturo Villar

Arturo Villar

The College of Media & Communication met at the McKenzie-Merket Alumni Center to host guest speaker Arturo Villar at the annual Buesseler Lectureship luncheon March 4.

The Cathryn Anne Hansen Buesseler Distinguished Lectureship in Print Media was established to allow students and faculty the chance to meet nationally known print media professionals, and give them the chance to learn about current social, cultural and political issues.

Villar, who has been in the Hispanic publishing business for 28 years, was selected as this year's guest speaker. He discussed his experience in the journalism field and the adaptations his publications have been making to adjust to the new era of news.

Currently serving as Hispanic Market Weekly's publisher, Villar said he started his career with Vista Magazine in 1984. In 1997, he created Hispanic Market Weekly, and five years later he launched hispanicmarketweekly.com.

When making the transition from Vista Magazine to Hispanic Market Weekly, Villar said he learned valuable lessons, such as the need for multiple access points, exclusivity, and full access to consumers. He said the publication was successful because its readers were provided with the right kind of content that no one else had.

Villar said his publication tries to find exclusive stories and to offer insightful information.

Hispanic Market Weekly does not offer content for free and charges a yearly subscription fee.

Villar's different outlook on publishing has come from the realization that young people do not read newspapers and magazines.

"The world has changed in radical ways; there is no going back to anything that resembles the old ways," Villar said.

Smartphones and tablets are the way of the future, Villar said, and giving young people the opportunity to read and be informed of any amount of information through different outlets is essential.

In order for this to work, Villar said information must move seamlessly from one access point to another. He said his staff constantly redesigns the website to provide a flexible platform and social interaction. Villar said not being limited by a publication that comes out weekly or daily is a joy.

Villar said he currently is working on having links to videos on the website.

Aside from technological advancements, Villar said he ultimately wants to continue being authoritative, premium and relevant in the publication world. mc

Kate Westfall is a junior journalism major from Dallas.
David Vaughn is a junior university studies major from Spur, Texas.

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