Reaching Audiences: Exploring Opportunities
in Hispanic Media and Market Research

Alberto Avendaño

Alberto Avendaño Alberto Avendaño is an award winning journalist, writer and translator. Avendano has been on the news and business side of print and broadcast companies in the US and Spain. His journalistic assignments took him to Italy, Great Britain, Ireland, Portugal, Brazil, Cuba and the United States. In 1991 Avendano became US correspondent for RTVG. In the late 90s he lectured at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, and in 2000 he became Publisher and Editor-In-Chief of El Tiempo Latino. Under Avendano's leadership El Tiempo Latino became one of the most prestigious and nationally awarded Spanish language publications in the nation. In 2001 Avendano started an editorial collaboration with the Washington Post and in 2004, El Tiempo Latino became the Spanish language publication of The Washington Post Company. Currently as Director of Business Development, Avendano is responsible for coordinating efforts with the Post to keep economically sound and community relevant a key player in the Spanish language media in the region. Avendano studied Germanic Philology at the University of Santiago de Compostela in Spain, and in the US he was awarded a BA, Magna cum Laude, in Journalism at Texas Tech University. He is the author of books of poetry, theatre, fiction and translations of American and British classics. He has published two books on Mass Communications in Spain and his journalistic work in print and broadcasting has appeared in American and European media. He has received several Jose Marti Awards by the National Association of Hispanic Publications. Avendano has just been named by the Governor of Maryland, Martin O’Malley, as a member of the Maryland Public Broadcasting Commission. Avendano is married to Zuni Garro, a Texan teacher of Cuban origin, and has two children: Kenia, a graduate of the University of Maryland with a major in Japanese, and Xan, born in Lubbock, and a senior at American University’s School of International Service.

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