Reaching Audiences: Exploring Opportunities
in Hispanic Media and Market Research

Kerry Edelstein

Kerry Edelstein Kerry Edelstein is the president and founder of Research Narrative, a media research and consulting practice with clients such as Netflix, Rovi Corp, Viacom Media Networks, and New York Public Radio.

A seasoned market researcher and media strategist, Edelstein previously served as vice president of research and analytics for Joost Media, leading the organization’s research efforts related to advertising effectiveness, consumer behavior, and media trends.

Prior to her work at Joost Media, she was vice president of research at SmithGeiger, LLC, a Los Angeles-based media research and consulting firm. She collaborated with renowned media brands, such as ABC, Disney, Warner Bros., Discovery, Lifetime, and NPR, to develop compelling content, launch cross-platform media strategies, and build leading brand portfolios.

In her earlier role as director of online research, Edelstein was instrumental in developing SmithGeiger’s online research methodologies, including online program testing, advertising testing, and talent evaluation.

She began her career at Harris Interactive, where she became one of the industry’s first professionals to develop expertise in Internet-based research.

She holds a Master of Business Administration degree with honors from the Anderson Graduate School of Management at the University of California--Los Angeles and received her undergraduate degree with honors from Cornell University in biometry and statistics.

She is currently a co-chair of the Advertising Research Foundation forum, "Research as a Business Tool.” She serves on the outreach committee for the foundation’s FOQ2 initiative. She serves on the Board of Directors for CHAMPS, a charter high school arts academy in Los Angeles.

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