Texas Tech University

Continuous Response Theater

Participant monitored with sensors
Participant watching a football game

The Ortek System permits the capture and analysis of audience reaction to video and/or audio material in real time. It delivers results that are unobtainable by means of other, less immediate, more traditional methods based on viewers' or/and listeners' recall. Respondents ‘dial' their reactions to the program and answer questions about the program. Questions unrelated to the programming can also be asked and responses recorded using the dials.

The Ortek System instantaneously aggregates the individual reactions and displays to the session observers both individual and group reactions as a graph overlaid on the video material. This graphical representation of audience reaction can be displayed for any number of demographic groups and can be captured for later analysis, printing, etc. As a result, observers can see and hear what respondents see and hear, plus they can observe respondents' reactions to the program in real time. Graphs of reactions may be recorded on CD and/or videotape.

The Ortek System has the capacity to capture video in synchronization with viewer's and/or listeners' reactions to it. This makes it possible to use the system in consumption of live TV programming.