General Degree Requirements - 2008-2009
Bachelor Arts


To give students who desire a Bachelor of Arts degree from the College of Media & Communication the opportunity to explore their major options within the College while enrolling in courses that apply to all degree programs within the College of Media & Communication.

General Education Requirements (see catalog for specific details)

English 12 hours
Individual or Group Behavior 6 hours
Oral Communications 3 hours
American History 6 hours
Foreign Language 6-16 hours*
Political Science 6 hours
Math/Logical Reasoning 6 hours
Humanities (fulfilled by English lit.) 3 hours
Natural Science 8 hours
Visual & Performing Arts 3 hours
Technology/Applied Science 3 hours
Personal Fitness & Wellness 1 hour
Multicultural Requirement 0-3 hours

* Number of hours required depends on high school credits

Major Requirements

All majors within the College of Media & Communication require a minimum of 39 hours and a maximum of 42 hours in major courses.

●1st Major course:

JOUR: JOUR 2300 Principles of Journalism
ADV: ADV 3310 Principles of Advertising. Prerequisite: Sophomore standing
P R: P R 3310 Principles of Public Relations. Prerequisite: Sophomore standing
EMC: EMC 3300 Electronic Media and Society. Prerequisite: Sophomore standing

1st Semester 2nd Semester 3rd Semester 4th Semester

ENGL 1301
COMC 1300 -------------
MATH 1300, 1320, or 1330
Lab Science
U. S. History
IS 1100; PF&W


ENGL 1302
MATH 2300 ---------------
Lab Science
U. S. History
Individual or Group Behavior

1st major course● COMC 3300
ECO 2305 ---------------- Foreign Language
POLS 1301
Technology (3 hrs)

JOUR 2410
COMC 3320 ---------------- Foreign Language
POLS 2302
English literature (6 hrs)
Oral Communications

~Declare Major~

Plan ahead for an internship! COMC Career Center, COMC 110

Media & Communication Undeclared Core curriculum (ENGL 1301, 1302; MATH 2300; ECO 2305; COMC 1300, COMC 3300, 3320; 1st Major course – see above; also, for PR majors, COMS 2300)

Upon completion of the COMC Core, any remaining General Education courses may be taken in junior/senior semesters.

Required Minor

A minor consists of a minimum of 18 hours. Students are free to choose, but for students interested in the management aspect of Advertising, a minor in General Business is recommended. For Advertising students not interested in management, other suggested minor areas are: Art, Psychology, Sociology, English, Economics, Political Science, and Communication Studies. Suggestions for Electronic Media & Communications majors include: General Business or Economics. Journalism majors, suggested minors include: general business, history, political science, sociology, psychology, economics, natural and physical sciences. Media & Communication students are required to select their minor outside the College of Media & Communication.

Student Organizations

Association of Women in Communications
Society of Professional Journalism
Pi Delta Alpha
Student Electronic Communication Association
Public Relations Student Society of America
Tech Advertising Federation