Focus on Sport and Media with a minor in Exercise and Sport Science

The Sport and Media Focus is a non-thesis MA program that emphasizes the practical approach to developing communications campaigns for sporting events, sport-related events and associated sport businesses. It includes courses in Exercise and Sport Sciences and in Mass Communications. Requirements include a three-hour internship, a six-hour project and a comprehensive examination.

Required Ten-Hour Core (COMC 5160, COMC 5364, COMC 5366, COMC 5374)

Select two courses from:

PR 6315 Special Topics in Public Relations
PR 5343 Public Relations Problems and Cases
ADV 5326 Advertising and the Consumer
COMC 5344 Seminar in Public Opinion and Propaganda

Required COMC 6330 Seminar in Sport and Media

Required three-hour Internship (develop and implement communications campaigns.) You must enroll in COMC 5370 in the semester in which you complete the internship.

Required ESS 5324- Marketing and Promotion in Sport

Select two courses from:

ESS 5322 Management of Sport and Athletics
ESS 5325 Legal and Ethical Aspects of Sport
ESS 5327 Sport Facility Planning and Management
ESS 5320 Sport Leadership
ESS 5321 Financial Management in Sport

Required six-hour professional project–COMC 6050
After completion of coursework, the student will develop and execute a communications campaign at a professional sports organization or the U.S. Olympic Committee. The internship is part of the six-hour project and the student who selects the Focus on Sports Media with a minor in Exercise and Sport Science must demonstrate a commitment to complete this internship and project.