Andy King

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. Purdue University, 2012
Phone: +1.806.834.3535
Office: 605
Office Hours:
Web:  http://
Classes Taught: 
  • MCOM5366, Seminar in Mass Communication Theory (MA & PhD)
  • PR6315, Evaluating Public Communication Campaigns (Special Topics in PR)
  • PR6315, Visual Persuasion (Special Topics in PR)

Broadly, I'm interested in the design, dissemination, and evaluation of public communication campaigns. In addition to macro-level campaign projects related to organ donation and cancer prevention, my research focuses on the role of visual message features and strategies in the contexts of communicating information in the domains of health, risk, and science.

My professional experience is mostly academic in nature. I was involved in a variety of state-level campaigns to promote organ donor registration in the states of Kentucky, Michigan, and Illinois. Those projects were collaborations between universities, organ procurement organizations, and state government agencies. Additionally, I was part of a team that carried out an intervention to promote colorectal cancer screening at health care and manufacturing worksites. Early in my academic career, I was a summer research fellow working at the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health's Spokane Research Lab focusing on mine safety research.

Leadership / awards:
An article I co-authored won the article of the year award from AEJMC's ComSHER division in 2012. While in graduate school I was awarded a Ross Fellowship at Purdue University and also a predoctoral fellowship from the National Cancer Institute through a training program offered by the Oncological Sciences Center at Purdue University.

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