Roger C. Saathoff

Associate Professor
Ph.D. University of Tennessee, 1984
Phone: +1.806.834.2410
Office: 403
Office Hours: MW 2 - 4:30
Classes Taught: Editing JOUR 3380, Mass Media Theories and Society MCOM 3300, Public Opinion and Propaganda JOUR 4330, Intro to Mass Comm MCOM 1300, Seminar in Mass Comm Theory MCOM 5366

Research: I have studied various aspects of news, primarily in print, but also in a few other media. Specialized areas of interest include environmental news, travel news, publication design, public opinion and a few areas of advertising and public relations. Methodologies I most frequently employ include survey and content analysis.

Experience: I have worked in a university setting as a faculty member and administrator for almost 20 years. Prior to coming to education, I worked for a small circulation (17,000) newspaper for four years. I also spent a few years in freelance photography and public relations consulting.

Leadership / awards: University Coordinator, The Freshman Seminar, 2004-2012; Officer (1996-present), Southwest Education Council for Journalism and Mass Communication, an eight-state organization: past president, president; president-elect; vice-president; secretary; University President's Teaching Award, 2005-2006; Professing Excellence Award, 2003; Agricultural Communicators Teacher of the Year 2000-2001 and 1996-1997.

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