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Official Colors.

Primary Palette

Texas Tech Red and Texas Tech Black are our official colors and the primary palette we use to represent Texas Tech University. They can be found on both official communications such as business cards, letterhead and presentations, as well as in a broad range of marketing materials. Red and black should dominate all Texas Tech University endorsed identities such as logos, marks or promotional graphics.

Refer to the color values listed below when working with the Texas Tech logos. Texas Tech Red is a pure and vibrant shade of red. Four-color (4C) design files are provided in RGB color mode to ensure this vibrant shade of red can be reproduced across all mediums, both on-screen and in print. Note: Pantone PMS color values and 2-color (2C) logos are provided for Spot Color printing purposes only. In all other instances, use the 4-color (4C) files and refer to the RGB/Hex color values for graphic design and layout purposes. Our goal is to produce a consistently "pure" red in print. While we understand this will vary, please take precautions with your print vendor to ensure that the final product will not wane into either the pink or orange range; you must produce a pure shade of red in the end.

Texas Tech Primary Colors

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Supporting Palette

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Our supporting palette is designed to complement our primary colors and allow them to stand out, while providing flexibility in design layouts. The supporting palette should only be used as accents. Percentages of each may be used to extend the number of colors and values required to separate different information sets in charts, graphs and diagrams.

Texas Tech Secondary Colors