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Imagery Key Concepts

Academic Excellence
Texas Tech Imagery

Enhancing perceptions of Texas Tech as an institution of higher learning is of paramount importance. We can build those impressions in a number of ways every time we develop concept and design solutions.

The classic university associations that come with our Spanish Renaissance architecture are among the most powerful assets we have. The physical campus of Texas Tech can advance the image of a school with a rich tradition of teaching and scholarship. Glimpses into traditional and state-of-the-art classrooms also inform audiences of a university that values both time-honored methods of learning and the new frontiers of the virtual classroom.

Imagery that chronicles advanced research and our key areas of expertise provides visible evidence of our academic endeavors. Showcasing our presence and impact around the nation and world helps to expand audience perceptions and understanding of our capabilities and reach.

Opportunity and Potential
Texas Tech Imagery

Texas Tech offers a wide variety of academic opportunities ranging from undergraduate to postgraduate, from our honors college to interdisciplinary programs, and from our law school and the Health Sciences Center to our distance learning programs. All of these programs provide a wealth of possibilities to an increasingly diverse and dispersed student body.

Imagery that illustrates the range of opportunities available at Texas Tech will be most likely to resonate with an equally wide variety of audiences. In selecting imagery, think about ways to reinforce our rich diversity. A rich palette of diverse images will make apparent to all our audiences the full array of opportunities at Texas Tech.

Fostering Success
Texas Tech Imagery

Our "Preparedness" positioning clearly prioritizes images that portray dynamic relationships between students and faculty. And it is in these relationships, with their dynamic teaching, learning and mentoring scenarios, that our culture of nurturance and growth is most evident.

Look for every opportunity to demonstrate our focus on providing students with two key aspects of their education – the theoretical knowledge and the practical experiences that prepare them for successful academic or professional careers. Give special priority to images that provide a sense of community and camaraderie. Ensure that students appear supported in every aspect of their university life, both on and off campus.

Sense of Place
Texas Tech Imagery

The key concept of "place" addresses more than buildings and landscape. It also addresses what happens here at Texas Tech. And "here" can include any of our campuses, facilities or locations – anywhere that Texas Tech has a presence or impact in the region, nation or world.

We know from our research, however, that you don't have to travel far to find that audiences often misunderstand what is here and what happens here at Texas Tech. These audiences have either no image or an inaccurate view based on our name and perceived isolation in West Texas Images of Texas "Tech" as an institution focused solely on technology are not uncommon. Even some of our greatest successes and most deserved distinctions, such as our international reputation in agricultural sciences, can reinforce an incomplete view of our academic diversity.

So helping audiences gain a truer image of Texas Tech campuses, Lubbock and the West Texas region is important. Creating a truer image will allow us to define perceptions instead of allowing them to fall victim to audiences' false assumptions.

Defining our image is one of the most fundamental functions our marketing and communication efforts perform. We need to make a deliberate effort to counter misperceptions by supporting our key messages with vivid images that provide a fuller view of what's here and what happens here.

We've included in this guide a range of sample images that help to paint a more accurate picture not only of university life but also of the grandeur of our West Texas skies, the vastness of the landscape and the hidden treasures found throughout the region. Share these perspectives with our audiences as well.

Pride and Tradition
Texas Tech Imagery

Our wonderfully rich traditions provide prospective students with insights into what makes Texas Tech University a unique and exciting place to be. Whether it's thousands of passionate Red Raiders fans giving the "Guns Up" sign at a national bowl game or the majestic beauty of the Carol of Lights, look for opportunities to illustrate these very special aspects of student life. They're essential components of our overall brand image and they help prospective students get a sense of what belonging to the Texas Tech family is all about. They should be used whenever we want to reinforce a strong emotional connection with our brand.

Make the most of these connections, but be sure to keep in mind their relevance to your specific subject and communication objective. A "Guns Up" image would be no more appropriate in a medical school brochure than a chemistry lecture on the cover of a football program. Consider the context of their use at all times.

Capturing images of the Double T as a dynamic symbol of the student experience is a great way to bring visibility to our most important spirit mark. That mark embodies Texas Tech pride and tradition. Whether it's the Masked Rider charging down the field with a Double T flag, an embossed impression on a commemorative item, student apparel, athletic uniforms or campus signage, look for opportunities to introduce our spirit marks in the context of student and university community life.