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Web Guidelines

A Standards-Compliant, Accessible Structure

The TTU Information Technology Division has developed a set of tiered templates for Web use. Each integrates official Texas Tech identity attributes and elements into a framework appropriate for different content types. They are are coded with XHTML using external Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) that incorporate the TTU color palette and fonts. This simplifies the process of creating new sites and pages or converting your current site to our new look. Each of our templates create fully standards-compliant Web pages that keep the content accessible to every visitor.

Web Templates: Quick and Easy
Tier Two

The Tier Two template is reserved for administrative homepages, such as the Office of the CIO. This layout features a customized header, open middle content area and right-hand containers for news and announcements, site links and search resources.

Admin Example
Tier Three

The Tier Three offers the most flexibility and is appropriate for all types of applications including college and department homepages and features a large and flexible content area for large navigation indexes, forms and all other content that requires more screen space than the Tier Two template provides.

College Gateway Examples

Other Tier 3 Example

Lower Tiers

Tier 4 through 6 pages (and further variations) are suitable for lower level, subject-driven pages with ultimate flexibility. For more information, contact

A Uniform Style

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Our official Texas Tech typefaces are Charter and Helvetica Neue, but styles have been written to automatically format attractive, readable headers and paragraphs with the following substitutions:

High-level headers and some major introductory paragraphs
Times New Roman for Charter

General content and lower-level headers
Arial for Helvetica Neue

When creating images that contain typography in programs like Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro, use the official Texas Tech typefaces and typography guidelines.


Primary Web Palette

Texas Tech Red and Texas Tech Black are our official colors and the primary palette we use to represent Texas Tech University, complimentary shades of gray and red are used to complete our new Web templates.

TTU Primary Web Palette

Headers, navigation, borders, links
Texas Tech Red (#cc0000)

Body copy
Texas Tech Black (#000000)

Borders and various containing devices
TTU Gray (#333333) and TTU Light Gray (#cccccc)

Accent colors and page backgrounds
TTU Dark Red (#990000)

Secondary Web Palette

Our secondary palette is a complementary set of colors to enhance your pages, but should never replace or dominate our primary colors.

TTU Secondary Web Palette

For additional color guidance for print and other applications go to the TTU Color Guidelines page.


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Texas Tech offers a wide range of transparencies and digital images. Stock photos of commencement, academic activities, athletics and other events are regularly taken by our staff photographers. To review and obtain images to enhance your site, contact Michelle Hougland in the Office of Communications and Marketing at (806) 742-2136.

Web use of photographs and graphic images must comply with U.S. copyright and trademark laws with permission of the creator/owner. Releases must be obtained from all models granting permission for the specific terms of use. Download the current Photo/Testimonial Release Form.

If you process images in Photoshop, remember to use the “save for Web” function and keep image size to 50k or less and resolution at 72 dpi.


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Our Web standard for video is Flash. 

PDF, Powerpoint and others
Remember to break up large downloadable files for user convenience.