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Research/Academic Showcase

Texas Tech University

Breaking Through Barriers

Supersonic Rocket Propels Students into Engineering Fields

Here�s a conundrum to addle the brain of any educator: Set a technological target that can be reached by high school students -- yet is juicy enough to lure them into engineering fields. more...

Texas Tech Overhauling Journalism Education

To Deal With Media Convergence

In Tampa, Fla., television reporters regularly see their work in print. Newspaper reporters appear on the 6 o�clock newscast to present their stories. And a Web site draws material from both.

These journalists � working for The Tampa Tribune, WFLA-TV, and Tampa Bay Online � are operating in a collaborative work concept known as convergent media. They share resources, staff and a four-story, high-tech building known as the �news center.� This kind of integrated journalistic approach is becoming state of the art, not only in the news media but also in the College of Mass Communications at Texas Tech University. more...

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

Decoding Bacteria Communication Signals

Brings Promise of Preventing Infections

For almost a decade, researchers have understood that bacteria communicate via chemical signals they produce, a process known as quorum sensing. Understanding how that process works and its advantageous applications in fighting infections is an issue that Kendra Rumbaugh, Ph.D., a basic scientist in the Department of Surgery, investigates in her laboratory at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. more...

Alumni Highlights

Alumni Association Makes Policy Changes

For Frazier Alumni Pavilion Pre-game Parties

The Alumni Association will be making policy changes for the 2005 football season with regard to the Frazier Alumni Pavilion. more...

Alumni Association to Host Reunion 2005

The Texas Tech Alumni Association will be hosting Reunion 2005 in conjunction with the Indiana State football game September 22-24, 2005. This will honor the classes of 1980 and 1995 as we hold the inaugural 10 and 25 year reunion. more...

Alumni Association Announces Staff Changes

The Texas Tech Alumni Association has announced three staff changes in its Lubbock office. more...

Treating Others Like You Want To Be Treated

During the first month of his residency in internal medicine at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, Dr. Michael Robertson suddenly went from being the one who treated others to the one who needed treatment. A routine physical showed that he had an enlarged spleen, and blood tests were ordered. more...

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center - 2005 Alumni Weekend

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center will host its 2005 Alumni Weekend on Sept. 16-17. All alumni, faculty and students are invited to participate in a variety of activities. For more information, contact the alumni office via e-mail: TTUHSCalumni@ttuhsc.edu

Development Headlines

Herron Scholarship Helps Bring History to Life for Tech Students

Lee Roy Herron and David Nelson were inseparable growing up. The two graduated Lubbock High School together and they both attended Texas Tech, where they joined the Marine Corps� officer training program. more...


Tech Football Grad Rates Among Nation�s Best � Again

Texas Tech�s football program boasted a 79 percent graduation rate for the 1999-2000 freshman class, marking the fifth consecutive year the program has been recognized by the American Football Coaches Association. more...

NBA Recognizes Athletic Academic Services Office

Texas Tech is one of five institutions nationally to receive the National Basketball Association�s Player Development Service Award. more...


Nov 29, 2017