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RSS technology delivers Texas Tech news right to your desktop.

Ever wonder what the little orange button is at the top of every issue of Texas Tech Today?  Heard the terms “news feeds” and "RSS" and wonder what they mean?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, a system that provides a way for you to subscribe to your favorite Web news.  By using a program called a feed reader or news aggregator, you can save time, reduce email clutter and be automatically informed of the latest news.

The news team at Texas Tech implemented RSS technology to make it easier for you to stay informed of the many great things happening here.  Texas Tech Today will still come to your inbox every month, but you can also subscribe to the RSS feed and each issue will be delivered right to your desktop!  You can read the news immediately or at your leisure.  No more email clutter.

Get Started Now

There are several programs to choose from. For instructions on where to get a news aggregator and how to use it, visit our RSS Web page.

Nov 14, 2017