Fall 2007 Ring Ceremony Dates Announced

Texas Tech tradition to be held in November.

Written by Chad Elrod

Alumni Highlights

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The Texas Tech class ring commemorates the memories and traditions of Texas Tech.

Since 1999, Texas Tech has had one universal symbol of academic achievement - the official Texas Tech class ring. The single ring is a tradition that has been brought back from the 1950s. This ring evokes special memories of the occasions and traditions of Texas Tech, the "Fight Song" sung at the stadium with the Masked Rider going hell-bent for leather along the sidelines and the Raider Red giving fans the "Guns Up" and firing his shotguns, as well as the unforgettable images created during the Carol of Lights where the red, white and orange holiday lights cast their spell over the campus. The ring is a symbolic, continuous link with classmates, friends and generations of alumni.

The Alumni Association’s unique ring design is copyrighted to protect it from duplication. The ring is reserved exclusively for individuals who have successfully met the university’s standards. Designed by a group of Texas Tech students, alumni and administrators, the ring will remain unchanged into the university’s future. As a symbol of Texas Tech tradition, it is instantly recognizable, a tangible connection for those who are graduating, while the visual continuity will generate an exclusive link with graduates in years to come.

Vice Provost, James Brink, will present rings to students at the Fall 2007 ceremony on Nov. 13. Professor Robert Wernsman will read the names of students receiving their ring.

Texas Tech President, Jon Whitmore, will present rings to students at the Fall 2007 Official Ring Ceremonies on Nov. 14 and 15 while Provost William M. Marcy will read the names. All three ceremonies will be held at the Merket Alumni Center following a reception at 6:30 p.m. Students will receive their ring on nights designated specifically for their colleges.

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Watch an exploration of the Official Alumni Ring Ceremony for spring 2007 and what buying a ring means to students at Texas Tech.

Ring Ceremony dates:

Nov. 13:
College of Arts & Sciences
College of Mass Communications
Health Sciences Center

Nov. 14:
College of Architecture
Rawls College of Business
College of Visual & Performing Arts
College of Education

Nov. 15:
College of Agriculture & Natural Resources
College of Engineering
College of Human Sciences

Nov 14, 2017