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Texas Tech Graduation Tour

Graduating seniors can experience a European odyssey.

Alumni Highlights

Written by Chad Elrod

Texas Tech Alumni Association

The Texas Tech Alumni Association and Student Alumni Association Board of Directors have teamed up with Orion Worldwide Travel to offer a European Odyssey Tour to graduating seniors of Texas Tech University.

European Odyssey Tour

  • Cost = $2,849
  • Dates = May 13 – May 31, 2008

Hotels: All of the hotels are 3-star plus to 4-star plus that are safe, centrally locations near public transportation stops. The tour web site has a list of standard hotels that we use in each city.

Meals: Breakfast everyday, and about half of the dinners are included. Breakfast is served at the hotel. Dinners range from a Parisian bistro dinner, a bratwurst dinner in Germany, local specialties every night during the Alpine Retreat, a BBQ dinner at a 12th century Austrian castle, a Florentine pizza party, and a Roman Banquet. Those continuing to Greece will also have dinner every night during the Greek Island retreat and a farewell dinner at a Taverna in Athens.

Transportation: All transportation within Europe is provided. From London we'll cross the Channel via ferry to France. Our coach will meet us in France and take us through Europe to Rome. Those going on to Greece will take an overnight ferry to Poros, and another ferry to Athens.

Professional Tour Director: From the time you arrive until you return home, you will have a professional European Tour Director with you. Your Tour Director will make sure everything runs as it should and answer all your questions.

Guided City Tours: You will have a guided city tour with a licensed city guide in London, Paris, Salzburg, Florence, Rome and Athens.

Cultural Activities: To make sure you have a fun and interesting trip we provide the following experiences; a pub crawl in London, visit to a chocolatier in Brussels, a cruise down the Rhine River in Germany, an Alpine Show during our Alpine retreat, an overnight stay in a fully restored 12th century castle, watch hand blown glass take life during a display by the Murano glass company in Venice, walk through the Roman Forum during the Rome city tour, as well as Vatican City. Those going to Greece will be able to take advantage of a discount with a water sports rental shop near the hotel, as well as walking through the Acropolis and Parthenon in Athens.

Greece Add On

  • Cost = $698 (Above and beyond the European Odyssey Tour cost)
  • Dates = May 31 – June 5, 2008

Don't forget to visit the Orion Worldwide Travel Web site to learn more about the tour and read testimonials from previous travelers!

Nov 14, 2017