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Got Coverage?

Alumni Association offers insurance options.

Alumni Highlights

Whether you're newly graduated, are established with a family and career, or are getting ready to enjoy a well-earned retirement, the Texas Tech Alumni Association is partners with Liberty Mutual and American Insurance Administrators to provide our alumni with the best insurance coverage from auto to life insurance.

Plans from American Insurance Administrators (AIA)

AIA is the marketer and administrator of the Texas Tech University Alumni Insurance Program. AIA is the nation's premier provider of insurance programs for college and university alumni associations.

Since 1978, AIA has been marketing and administering insurance plans specially designed for graduating students and alumni. More than 300 alumni associations have selected AIA to provide these services, representing 13 million alumni and 500,000 graduating students each year, making AIA the largest company of its kind.

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The Alumni Health Insurance Program®

Short-term health insurance
Inexpensive, comprehensive short-term health insurance for alumni and family members under age 65. Great for new grads and other alumni between jobs. Apply online for next-day coverage!

Travel health insurance
Covers U.S. residents while traveling outside the United States and/or international visitors while in the U.S.

Renewable major medical insurance
Long-term, comprehensive medical insurance coverage for alumni and family members under age 65.

Supplemental, comprehensive medical plan
A supplemental policy to cover catastrophic situations, for alumni of any age.

The Alumni Life Insurance Program®
Group term life insurance
Affordable life insurance protection for alumni and their spouses up to age 60, in policy amounts from $25,000 to $250,000. Dependent child coverage is available.

AlumniTerm® 10/20
Level term life insurance
Guaranteed level term life insurance protection for alumni and their spouses up to age 65, in policy amounts from $100,000 up to $1,000,000.

Senior AlumniTerm®
Group term life insurance
Policy amounts available up to $100,000. For alumni ages 50-74, renewable to age 95.

Liberty Mutual Auto & Home Insurance
As a leading provider of auto and home insurance, Liberty Mutual is able to offer you a wide range of products and services. With a ranking of 111 of Fortune’s 500 largest corporations, you’ll be secure knowing that when you need them, Liberty Mutual will be there.

To learn more about Liberty Mutual Auto & Home Insurance please visit their Web site.

Nov 14, 2017