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Llano Wines and Texas Tech: a Tasty Combination

Introducing Raider Red Wines.

Alumni Highlights

The Texas Tech wines were developed as a partnership between two icons of the Texas South Plains - Texas Tech University and Llano Estacado Winery.  A portion of the sales proceeds from these Texas Tech wines help support the Texas Tech Alumni Association and wine and grape research at Texas Tech University.

The 2004 Raider Red is a blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sangiovese and Cabernet Franc.

This blend creates a wonderfully complex, medium bodied, dry red wine with hints of cherry fruit on the palate. This wine’s flavor complements a broad range of foods from Tex-Mex to grilled steaks to Southwestern cuisine.

Raider Red Wine
VARIETY:                               RAIDER RED

VINTAGE:                              2004

HARVEST DATE:                 August - September 2004

ALCOHOL:                           12.9%

ACIDITY (%):                        0.58 (As Tartaric)

pH:                                         3.65

RESIDUAL SUGAR (%):    .15

BRIX AT HARVEST:             24.0

YEAST:                                   Pasteur Red

FERMENTATION:                 85° Degrees F (Temp.)

OAKING:                                14 Months in American Oak.


The 2005 Raider Rosé is a blend of Zinfandel, Mourvedre and Grenache.  An example of a Mediterranean style Rosé, Raider Rosé is heavier bodied than a Blush with just a touch of sweetness.  Made by our cold fermented process to lock in fruit character, this wine is best served slightly chilled.  It is great with spicy hot Southwest foods, or by the glass.

Raider Rose Wine
VARIETY:                               RAIDER ROSÉ

VINTAGE:                              2005

HARVEST DATE:                 July - August 2005

ALCOHOL:                            12.4%

ACIDITY (%):                         0.82 (As Tartaric)

pH:                                         3.58

RESIDUAL SUGAR (%):    2.95

BRIX AT HARVEST:            22.2

YEAST:                                  Rhone Red

FERMENTATION:                55-57° Degrees F (Temp.)

OAKING:                                No oak aging

                        VEGAN CERTIFIED


The 2005 Raider White is a blend of Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Viognier.  Raider White is crafted in a technical way to accentuate the “fruity” characteristics of the grape, yet it is drier and more complex than our Signature White.

The residual sugar in this wine makes it perfect for pairing with hot-spicy foods such as southwest and oriental cuisines.  We believe a glass of wine to be a healthy compliment to any meal.

Raider White Wine
VARIETY:                               RAIDER WHITE

VINTAGE:                              2005

HARVEST DATE:                 July - August 2005

ALCOHOL:                            12.3%

ACIDITY (%):                         0.62 (As Tartaric)

pH:                                          3.78

RESIDUAL SUGAR (%):      1.1

BRIX AT HARVEST:              22.2

YEAST:                                   Steinberg White

FERMENTATION:                 55-57° Degrees F (Temp.)

OAKING:                                No oak aging

                        VEGAN CERTIFIED

Be sure to include one or all of the Texas Tech wines at your next function. For more information regarding the Texas Tech wines please visit
Nov 14, 2017