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TTAA Launches New Blog

The Masked Reader blog highlights alumni information and events and includes links to other social media sites.

Written by Chad Elrod

Alumni Highlights

The Masked Reader contains links to TTAA's Flickr photostream as well as a Twitter Feed.

The Masked Reader contains photos from TTAA's Flickr photostream and a TTAA Twitter Feed.

Our newest addition to the social media network is the Texas Tech Alumni Association Blog, The Masked Reader.

For seven years, the Alumni Association distributed an e-newsletter called The Masked Reader. In 2003, The Masked Reader was replaced with Texas Tech Today, a monthly newsletter sent out in partnership with the Office of Communications & Marketing.

TTAA decided to take the name, The Masked Reader, out of retirement and apply it to our newest form of communication, our Texas Tech Alumni Association Blog. We are always looking for new ways to provide our Alumni with information and we think that the blog will be a great avenue for just that.

The Masked Reader contains diverse content and links to other TTAA social media sites.

We encourage anyone who is interested in writing a post for the blog to contact Sarah Klimek at (806) 742-3641, ext. 251.

Nov 14, 2017