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Become an Even Bigger Part of the Texas Tech Family

Written by Travis Cram


Whether you are a new graduate of Texas Tech or one that left the campus years ago, you are always welcome to join the Texas Tech Alumni Association.

The Texas Tech Alumni Association is your place to connect with former, current and future Texas Tech students on a year-round basis and keep up to date with what is going on in Lubbock with the scarlet and black.

By joining the Alumni Association, you become an even bigger part of the Texas Tech family by helping support valuable projects to those all around the country. There's more than just a receipt and thank you headed your way when you send in your donation to join us this next year.

You will receive many benefits, including a one-time gift with each level of membership, as well as your membership card and vehicle decal. You will also start receiving our exclusive bi-monthly alumni magazine, the Texas Techsan.

Along with your membership you will gain access to the Frazier Alumni Pavilion on game days. Members enjoy free admission to the Frazier before every home football game and can bring along a spouse and child to enjoy all the refreshments, food and televised games before heading into Jones AT&T Stadium on game days.

In our opinion the real reward is when you hear about the new students at Texas Tech and how your membership fees help them achieve their goals. Your fees go further than just benefitting the association, its staff and facilities – it also helps fund hundreds of scholarships to those ready to become the next best students at Texas Tech. That's hundreds of students saying "thank you" coming back to our members each year.

You also have a direct impact on the value of a Texas Tech diploma. According to the U.S. News and World Report, part of the publication's criteria is how involved the university's alumni base is involved each year based on percentage of alumni joining the alumni association. Not dollars but members, which means you have an impact on this issue no matter what level you choose to join at.

There is a new program beginning its second year for those future Red Raiders. Those who join at the Century Club level or higher will have the option to register their children or grandchildren in the Texas Tech Legacy Program. The program helps promote Texas Tech to younger generations from birth to their college acceptance. You may join online or register your legacies at

Keep up on our day-to-day activities by joining the Official Texas Tech Alumni Association on or follow us on Twitter.

With so many options, there's a reason for everyone to join the Texas Tech Alumni Association this next year. Give us a call at (806) 742-3641 or log on to to join today!

Nov 14, 2017