The Masked Reader Retires; Texas Tech Today Launches

The Texas Tech Alumni Association is proud to announce its partnership with the Texas Tech University System Office of Communications & Marketing, which will enable you to receive more relevant and interesting news about Texas Tech. The product of this partnership is Texas Tech Today.

For the past seven years, the Alumni Association has been distributing an e-newsletter called The Masked Reader. Now Texas Tech Today will replace The Masked Reader, but you will not miss out on any Texas Tech news. In fact, this e-newsletter will provide you with even better content.

Texas Tech Today will bring you custom news from across the campus, including Texas Tech University, Health Sciences Center, the Athletics Department and the Alumni Association. We will have feature stories on Red Raider newsmakers, stories about research breakthroughs at Texas Tech and announcements of upcoming events. And it will all be delivered to your email inbox the first week of every month.


Nov 14, 2017