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Texas Tech Taps Experts to Navigate the Challenging Higher Education Landscape

Sagging financial support, bruising competition, skidding public sentiment: To say that Texas Tech faces challenges in its future would be an understatement.

Whether it’s wooing choosy students, hustling for scarce research dollars or preparing a shifting demographic of students for an expanding global marketplace, the system faces an uphill road.

That’s why Texas Tech is tapping a bevy of leaders to help it navigate this path.

On Nov. 18, Chancellor David Smith, Texas Tech President Jon Whitmore and Health Sciences Center President M. Roy Wilson hosted a Leadership Symposium to cull the ideas and insights of around 150 alumni, university friends and community leaders.

“The purpose of the symposium was to really engage close friends in thinking about the future of Texas Tech,” says Dr. Mark Lindemood, vice chancellor of institutional advancement.

Symposium participants broke into working groups, where they tackled a series of tough questions regarding the future of the Texas Tech System, including both Texas Tech University and Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center.

From those initial discussions came a list of recommendations. Texas Tech is now inviting additional input. You can help seat Texas Tech amongst the nation’s elite universities by providing your own responses.

To do so, simply go to this website and join the discussion:

Issues include politics, recruitment, academic quality, geographic challenges and Texas Tech’s general reputation.

The findings will be collected into a summary report by the end of February, Lindemood says. A working group will then be formed to study the report and make specific long-term recommendations for the system.

-Cory Chandler


Nov 14, 2017