Alumni Highlights

Balfour Official Texas Tech Ring

As a constant reminder of graduates' achievements and the tradition of our alma mater, we are proud to be able to offer the opportunity to order the Official Texas Tech Alumni Association Ring. Each ring symbolically captures the essence of Texas Tech with the prominent Double T standing proud, surrounded by the university’s full name and date of foundation.

On one shoulder of the ring, you will find the Administration Building with the bells that represent victory. On the other shoulder is the university seal, which features the American eagle perched above a book, representing a church; a star, representing the State of Texas; a key, representing home; and a lamp, representing knowledge. These elements are separated by a cross featuring 10 cotton bolls representing Lubbock and its surrounding nine cotton-producing counties. Of course the ring would not be complete without the appearance of the Masked Rider!

Inside, each official ring is forged with STRIVE FOR HONOR. This inscription is from “The Matador Song” and serves as a charge to every Texas Tech graduate to excel with integrity in all endeavors. The ring is engraved with the recipient’s initials, degree and class year.

To order an official class ring, please visit or call 800.355.1145. For more information or questions about the ring, contact Mandy Wiley at the Texas Tech Alumni Association at or 806.742.3641 ext. 243.

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Nov 14, 2017