Appreciate a Co-Worker? Send Them a BRAVO!

Texas Tech University’s BRAVO! board is a forum to recognize and encourage fellow colleagues.

Bravo Board Logo

A pat on the back or a "job well done" is always appreciated in the workforce. In fact, recognition and praise motivates employees, can make them feel valued for their work and provides a sense of accomplishment, according to The Gallup Organization.

To foster this kind of environment, Texas Tech University's Staff Senate created a message forum called the BRAVO! board in the early 2000s to recognize and show appreciation to any faculty or staff member as well as students.

Each month faculty and staff submit BRAVO!s to give kudos to their colleagues. At the end of the month one BRAVO! submission is chosen for a Big BRAVO! due to an employee's merit and work, and they are then put into a drawing at the end of the year for a prize.

How to submit a BRAVO!

To submit a BRAVO!, visit the Staff Senate website and click on the "Give a BRAVO!" link located on the sidebar under "BRAVO! Board." From there you can click on "To Give a BRAVO!" and it will take users to the submission page.

To read the BRAVO!s

On the BRAVO! webpage, users can click on "To Read the BRAVO!s" from past months and years. The BRAVO!'s say who the message is to, where they are employed and who the praise is from, along with their BRAVO! message.

Hard work is always welcomed, so show your colleagues how much you appreciate their work and send them a BRAVO! today!