Texas Tech is one of only two universities in the nation with the TechTeach program.

Teacher Preparation Becomes Department in College of Education

The change came after implementing the groundbreaking TechTeach program.

Earlier this year, Texas Tech University’s College of Education created the Department of Teacher Preparation, establishing the program as its own department. Teacher prep, which has been part of Texas Tech since classes started in 1925, had first been housed in the home economics program and later in the Department of Curriculum & Instruction.

The change was part of the reformation of the teacher preparation program – moving from traditional teacher prep, with one semester of student teaching and certification tests after graduation, to TechTeach, an innovative preparation program putting teacher candidates into public school classrooms for a full year and requiring them to pass certification tests prior to entering the classroom.

Establishing the new department allows teacher preparation to be the top priority for a designated group of faculty and staff, said Doug Hamman, chairman of the new department.

“By having the department, that allows us to focus exclusively on teacher preparation,” Hamman said. “When we were a program within a larger department, it was more difficult because faculty often had responsibilities in both the undergraduate and graduate programs. So members came and went, and it was difficult to have a sustained effort and focus on teacher education because people changed assignments on a semester basis.”