The Knight Raiders will head to the Pan-American Intercollegiate Team Chess Championship on Dec. 27-30 at South Padre Island to try to qualify for the Final Four of College Chess in 2015.

Texas Tech Knight Raiders Win State Co-Championship

The university’s chess team earns the title after a strong finish.

For the second year in a row, Texas Tech University’s chess team, Knight Raiders, earned a share of the state title at the annual Texas Collegiate Championships in Irving.

The Knight Raiders tied the final score with the University of Texas-Brownsville for state honors and set the University of Texas-Dallas (UT-D) back to third place on its own home turf. Last year, Texas Tech tied with UT-D for the state crown.

“Texas is home to three of the top four college chess teams in the nation,” said Texas Tech chess coach Alex Onischuk. “Our students performed well under pressure. The competitors from all schools were well trained and were trying hard to win. No game was easy.”

The Knight Raiders’ B-team finished fourth, with team member Seetharam Marreddy winning individual honors and raising his chess rating by more than 150 points.

Last year, Texas Tech finished third in the Final Four of College Chess in New York City.