Brian Shannon

Law Professor Appointed to NCAA Governing Council

Brian Shannon will begin his new duties at the January 2015 NCAA Convention.

The NCAA Division I Board of Directors on Tuesday approved the appointment of Brian Shannon, the Charles B. “Tex” Thornton Professor of Law at Texas Tech University School of Law, to serve on the new NCAA Division I Council.

The Division I Council is a part of the recently completed overhaul of the NCAA’s governance structure. The Council will have primary responsibility for Division I legislation, developing and recommending policies to the Board of Directors and supervising and acting on a wide array of issues, including NCAA championships.

“I am pleased and honored to have the opportunity to serve on the new Council,” Shannon said. “The NCAA and its member institutions have a strong historical commitment to the collegiate model. This means as future policy is developed, we must recognize and embrace our student-athletes’ opportunities to develop fully not only on the field or court, but also in the classroom and in their pursuit of a college degree; not only as superb athletes, but also as well-rounded students fully integrated into the full range of campus life; and not only for their efforts as members of a collegiate athletic team, but also for their future contributions as citizens.”

The new Council is composed of 40 members, including a representative from each of the 32 conferences within NCAA Division I, four conference commissioners, two student-athletes and two faculty athletics representatives.