Brian Hirth, John Schroeder and Jerry Guynes

Researchers Create Company to Optimize Wind Plant Output

The technology is licensed through Office of Research Commercialization.

To harness the wind – it is not a question of “if” rather, “when.”

A patent-pending concept developed at Texas Tech University could make it happen for wind plants around the world.

“Many wind farms are not producing as much power as we would expect,” said John Schroeder, professor of atmospheric sciences. “With a better understanding of how turbines interact with each other, we may be able to make small adjustments that could be worth millions.”

Texas Tech is home to the National Wind Institute, the nation’s leader in research through an interdisciplinary approach to all things wind. Schroeder and research professors Brian Hirth and Jerry Guynes are the inventors on two recently filed U.S. patent applications for the optimization of wind plant performance through the use of radar technology and associated analysis techniques.

“Dr. Schroeder’s work is an example of how Texas Tech basic research innovation can have a profound impact on the marketplace,” said Robert V. Duncan, vice president for research. “We have been doing important fundamental research in wind since 1970, and this is one example of how long-term basic research leads to new economic opportunities.”