Herschel Mann Honored with KPMG Endowment

Bill Hanley, a 1979 graduate of the Master of Science in Accounting, announced on Nov. 7 that KPMG is doubling the endowment for the KPMG Professorship in the School of Accounting. The generous gift was made in honor of Professor Herschel Mann, who has announced his plan to retire in 2016 after what will be 44 years on the Accounting faculty. Bill, along with several of his partners at KPMG and the KPMG Foundation, wanted to recognize Professor Mann’s long-time commitment to education and to thank him for the significant impact he has had on the lives and careers of his students.

The KPMG Professorship, now endowed at $600,000, will henceforth be awarded “in Honor of Professor Herschel Mann,” the first – and thus far only – holder of the KPMG Professorship at Texas Tech University.