Regents professor Kent Wilkinson was named as editor

Texas Tech Takes Over Stewardship of International Journal of Hispanic Media

Regents professor Kenton Wilkinson was named as the publication’s editor.

The Thomas Jay Harris Institute for Hispanic and International Communication (HIHIC) in the College of Media & Communication at Texas Tech University has taken over stewardship of the International Journal of Hispanic Media, publishing its first issue this month.

Formerly known as the Journal of Spanish Language Media, Texas Tech assumed control from the University of North Texas’ Center for Spanish Language Media, which published the journal for the last six years. Kenton T. Wilkinson, the Thomas Jay Harris Regents Professor in Hispanic and International Communication, was named the publication’s editor.

“Sponsorship of the journal raises the research profile of both the institute and the College of Media & Communication,” Wilkinson said. “Having the journal based here complements the collaborative and individual research activities being pursued by faculty and student affiliates of the institute.”

Wilkinson said the name of the journal was changed to be more inclusive to bilingual and English-language media directed toward Hispanic audiences in the U.S. while maintaining an international focus. He hopes to publish articles that show a broad range of research methods and quality research to promote Hispanic media.