Poirier Publishes Invited Commentary in Physical Review X

Bill Poirier, Professor in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, has published an invited Commentary in Physical Review X, the newest, open-access journal within the Physical Review family. With an impact factor of nearly 9.0, Physical Review X has a higher impact even than its sister publication, Physical Review Letters. The Commentary PRX 4, 040002 (2014) discusses the "many interacting worlds" interpretation of quantum mechanics, first proposed by Poirier in 2010, and now gaining attention in the broader physics community, and the popular press. This work has led to an invited Featured Blog on the Science page of the Huffington Post and a radio interview on Houston's KPFT Community Public Radio (air date 11/25/14), in addition to extensive media coverage elsewhere. The Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry is one of 16 departments in the College of Arts & Sciences.