Scott Ridley

Education Dean Part of New Group Focused on Reform

Scott Ridley pioneered Texas Tech’s teacher preparation program, which has garnered national attention.

Scott Ridley, dean of the College of Education at Texas Tech University, is one of the early members behind Deans for Impact, a newly launched organization dedicated to reforming teacher preparation programs in the United States.

Ridley, who is the only dean from a Big 12 university in the organization and one of three from Texas, said now is the time for such a movement, given recent statistics from the U.S. Department of Education showing two-thirds of new teachers don’t feel like their institution adequately prepared them to be in the classroom and about half of teachers leave the field within five years.

“The big picture is it’s a time when colleges of education are being asked to do a better job, and the reaction from most is whining and giving reasons why that can’t happen,” Ridley said. “I credit the faculty in our college and the support of central administration for putting our college in a national leadership role. People are working very hard.”

Deans for Impact founder Benjamin Riley said the mission is to integrate the “science of learning” into teacher preparation programs, so new teachers enter the classroom with the knowledge they need to be effective teachers. As individual institutions make these reforms they will provide the measurements needed to compare programs.

Texas Tech is already a reform leader. The teacher preparation program, known as TechTeach, gives teacher candidates a year of student teaching and requires they pass certification tests prior to entering the classroom. The university also collects data, including students’ test scores and attitudes about their teacher, from its partner schools to measure teacher candidates’ effectiveness.