Gilde Flores

Student Spotlight: Texas Tech Student Composes, Produces Music

Gilde Flores continues music career while earning undergraduate degree.

Texas Tech University student Gilde Flores has always considered music his hobby, but started to make it his career in 2007. Around the time the senior human development and family studies major entered Texas Tech, his career began to take off.

Flores started playing music and joining bands when he was 14. His father, who is a musician, taught Flores the basics of several instruments, and his mother and stepfather bought him his first guitar. His desire to learn other instruments is what led to touring the U.S. with bands that were signed to major record labels, after which he became a sound engineer at Don Caldwell Productions. It was then he decided to become a music producer and composer.

“I love the creativity and freedom of expressing what you can’t really say, but feel,” Flores said. “Music has a way of moving people in their own unique ways, and to be able to contribute to motivating someone else’s emotions is a great feeling. I mostly enjoy the fact that something gets manifested from nothing and although it is intangible, it can truly be felt.”

Through extensive networking, Flores licensed his music to several networks, including MTV, Bravo and E! Network. He now mainly works solo and creates custom music for television, advertisements, film, radio, movie and video game trailers, and as a recording artist.