Karen Garcia

Student Spotlight: Striving to End Hunger

Texas Tech senior works with the World Food Programme to help feed the homeless.

For as long as Karen Garcia can remember, she has had a passion for helping others.

“It is second nature to me,” she said. “I was always involved in my community through projects at school and fundraisers.”

Garcia, a senior exercise and sport science and biology major from El Paso, was granted the Daughters of the American Revolution Youth Citizenship and Service Award at the age of 10. She says this award became the inspiration for her future work.

At age 18, shortly after arriving at Texas Tech University, Garcia noticed the large homeless population in Lubbock and the lack of help available to them. She started “Tupper Meals” out of her residence hall and later out of her house. In this program, she collected plastic containers and restaurant takeout boxes and filled them with home-cooked meals. She prepared five to seven boxes for breakfast, lunch and dinner and drove around looking for those in need of a meal.

“I felt a sense of comfort knowing that fewer people would sleep hungry that night,” Garcia said.