Heather Wyland

History Senior Wyland Receives British Studies Award

Heather Wyland, a History Senior set to graduate in December 2014, is one of only eight students from the United States and Canada to receive the North American Conference of British Studies (NACBS) Undergraduate Essay Prize. Her essay addressed how the manufacture of calico cloth replaced that of woolens in late-17th and early-18th century England. History Assistant Professor Abigail Swingen, who submitted Wyland’s paper to the NACBS, said that the award in a major accomplishment for an undergraduate and a high honor for anyone studying British history. Swingen described the NACBS as the foremost scholarly organization for British studies in history and English. "What impressed me was her careful use of secondary and primary sources," Swingen said of Wyland's research. "And her paper was well-written, thoughtfully put together." Wyland hopes to stay at Texas Tech beyond graduation to pursue history through the PhD level and go on to teach. “I like the cooperative environment in the History Department here,” Wyland said. The Department of History is one of 16 departments in the College of Arts & Sciences.