Bruno Saliba Helmer and Victor Lima Castro dos Santos

Student Spotlight: Brazilian Freshmen Stay True to Texas Tech

They are the first graduates from the TTUISD program in Brazil to also enroll at the university.

As college freshmen packed up their belongings and embarked on new adventures, two students from Brazil left their homes for the United States to begin college careers at Texas Tech University.

After earning their high school diplomas from Texas Tech University ISD (TTUISD), an online-based education program, they knew continuing at Texas Tech would be their foot in the door for a quality education.

Bruno Saliba Helmer, 18, and Victor Lima Castro dos Santos, 18, grew up in Brazil looking forward to studying in the U.S. It wasn’t until TTUISD they realized they could earn an American education from home.

“I always wanted to study in the U.S., and TTUISD allowed me to do so,” Helmer said. “I could see a big difference in the quality of education between Brazil and the United States.”