Wesley Kumfer

Engineering Doctoral Student Recognized by Regional Transportation Center

Wes Kumfer studied how demographics can affect a driver’s likelihood of being involved in a fatal crash.

Few people want to spend years digging through accident reports to figure out the similarities and differences in fatal highway accidents.

Wesley Kumfer is one of those people.

Kumfer came to Texas Tech University from Colorado Springs, Colorado, to study civil engineering. He earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees working under transportation engineering professor Hongchao Liu in the TransTech Laboratory, and is working on a doctoral degree in traffic engineering. For years he has studied fatal highway crashes to determine what role demographic factors like gender, race and age play in such accidents.

Kumfer is one semester away from being hooded, having published and presented numerous papers. To add to his resume, this weekend he was honored as this region’s student of the year at a national meeting for university transportation centers.