Four judging teams at Texas Tech are national contenders.

Success of Judging Teams Built, Sustained Over Time

Accomplishments of meat and livestock judging programs makes them perennial national championship contenders.

Every year, four teams on the Texas Tech University campus routinely vie for national championships – often as one of the favorites – but rarely compete at home.

No big crowds. No bands playing at halftime. No television exposure or big-money contracts. Yet these Texas Tech teams are some of the best and well-respected in the nation.

Team members won’t turn pro after their collegiate days are over, at least not in the way most think. They’ll put to use what they learn through classes and competitions in their professional lives, but there are no endorsement deals or big contracts to sign.

And if rankings existed, Texas Tech’s four judging teams would likely be in the top five most seasons, start to finish. Maybe it’s because they’ve won a combined 29 national championships, including 21 since 2000. In fact, Texas Tech is one of only a handful of schools to win meat and livestock national championships in the same year three times (2008-2009, 2011), a feat matched only by Iowa State (1927, 1955-56), Oklahoma State (1948, 1954, 1961) and Texas A&M (1987, 2004, 2006).