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At TTU-CR, we are building from the ground up and are capitalizing on a mindset that draws upon innovation and a quest to embrace lifelong learning and new challenges.

On our campus, we aim to be at the forefront of change, change through education, making, doing and questioning. I invite you to experience all that is happening at TTU-CR both inside and outside the classroom so that you too can come to know just how we are facilitating curiosity, the type that will prepare our students for whatever lies ahead.

-Ellen Rose


The Texas Tech University-Costa Rica brings American education to Costa Rica and the rest of Latin America to prepare our off-campus graduates to be globally competent and ethical leaders of a diverse and globally competitive workforce.

We believe our TTU-CR students will be a catalyst for progress, development, and innovation in this emerging region of the world. We are proud of our partnership with Costa Rica, and humbled by their trust in us.

-Sukant Misra, Ph. D.

Acting Dean


Gonzalo Alfaro, M.SC

Restaurant Hotel and Institutional Management

Professor Gonzalo Alfaro is not only TTU-CR's first faculty member in the Restaurant, Restaurant and Institutional Management program, but he also graduated from the same program in Lubbock in 2006. Currently Professor Alfaro is finishing his PhD in Hospitality Management at Texas Tech University in the College of Human Sciences. He received his Master in Management and Tourism in 2012 from the University of Technology Sydney. Since 2007, he has been working internationally in the food and beverage and hotel industries. Professor Alfaro worked as a Food and Beverage Manager, Convention Manager, and Hotel Operations Manager. Most of his work experience has been conducted in luxury hotels in his home country of Peru.

Stamatis Pouliasis, PH.D


Dr. Stamatis Pouliasis received his PhD, MSc and BSc in Mathematics from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. Dr. Pouliasis has been teaching and conducting research at various univerisities around the globe, including Texas Tech University's home campus in Lubbock. He is a prolific writer and has published 14 journal articles and has participated in more than 30 in Asia, Europe and North America, engaging audiences on topics such as condenser capacity and logarithmic capacity. Dr. Pouliasis joined the Texas Tech University network in January 2018 working as Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Alberto Jimenez, PH.D


Dr. Alberto Jimenez earned his PhD in Organic Chemistry from Colorado State University in 2013 and his BS in 1999 from the University of Costa Rica. He joined the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry of Texas Tech University after being trained as a Post-doctoral Research Scholar at Emory University. As a member of the research team at the Emory Institute for Drug Development, he worked in medicinal chemistry projects related to the synthesis of antiviral compounds targeting RNA-dependent RNA polymerases. As a doctoral student, Dr. Jimenez was involved in a project related to the synthesis of tetrahydroisoquinoline antitumor antibiotic natural products. Previously, he worked in the Bioprospecting program at the National Biodiversity Institute of Costa Rica, on projects related to the isolation of bioactive natural products. Before the start of his graduate studies, he taught Organic and General Chemistry courses at the University of Medical Sciences in Costa Rica and at the University of Costa Rica.

Alexander YU. Solynin, PH.D


Dr. Alexander Solynin received his Diploma (with honors) in 1980 from Kuban State University, Russia and his PhD in 1985 from the Institute of Applied Math and Mechanics in the Ukraine. He worked as an Associate Professor at the Kuban State University until 1990 when he joined the St. Petersburg branch of the Steklov Institute of Mathematics, Russia's most acclaimed research institution for mathematicians. In 2004, Dr. Solynin joined Texas Tech University as a tenured Associate Professor. In 2009, he became a Full Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at TTU. Dr. Solynin has published more than 80 research papers and book chapters, many in the most prestigious international mathematics journals. He has also solved several challenging mathematical problems which had been unsolved for decades. One theorem, proved by Dr. Solynin jointly with Dr. Zalgaller, was published in the book “Theorems of the 21st Century.” Dr. Solynin has given numerous plenary lectures and invited talks at international math conferences. In recognition of Dr. Solynin's research achievements, in 2017, the Texas Tech Parents' Association awarded him the Barnie E. Rushing, Jr. Faculty Distinguished Research Award.

Juan Carlos Rojas, PH.D

Dr. Juan Carlos Rojas has a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Northeastern University, and a Master in Engineering Management from Stanford University. He has over 21 years of professional experience working in high-tech R∓D companies in Boston, Silicon Valley and Costa Rica. He and also founded and ran his own company, Inband Software for several years. He is experienced in the areas of digital signal processing, digital communications, computer vision, real-time embedded computing, and analog signal integrity. His current research interests include image processing for agriculture, and high-speed digital interconnects. At TTU-CR, Dr. Rojas is supporting both the departments of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering.


Ellen S. Rose

Director, Texas Tech University
Costa Rica


Finance & Operations

Alejandro Diaz

Director of Operations


Norman Gomez

Facilities Coordinator


Sebastian Corrales

Facilities Assistant


Juan Andrés Perera

Project Development Specialist


Melvin Rayo

Financial Coordinator


Ronald Corrales

Financial Assistant


Marketing & Communications

Laura Barrera

Marketing and Communications Manager



Susie Levario

Recruitment Director


Landon Segress

International Recruitment Coordinator


Adriana Loria

Local Recruitment Coordinator


Student Services

Gabriela Echandi

Student Affairs Manager


Sofia Fuentes

Academic Programs Coordinator


Marypaz Barquero

Study Abroad Coordinator


Administrative Support

Marianella Blanco

Human Resources Coordinator

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Carolina Obaldia

Administrative Coordinator


Ignacio Gonzalez

Faculty Assistant


Maria Jose Mendez



Andres Cordero

IT Coordinator


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