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We promote the advancement of knowledge focusing especially on learning that takes place beyond the classroom environment. By challenging students to become active participants and members of the university community, we develop ethical and innovative leaders who are better prepared for success as life-long learners.

Student Services and Affairs will lead an effort to focus on non-academic matters affecting student life, student success and student learning.


Student Involvement

Student Involvement is dedicated to student success at Texas Tech University and beyond graduation. Our staff engage students in active-learning through leadership development opportunities and experiences.

All students are encouraged to become involved outside of the classroom to enhance their connection and experience as a Red Raider. We foster environments for like-minded individuals to connect and build community.

As part of the Texas Tech University experience, students can create and join student organizations. We support all student organizations by providing resources and tools to help further the organizational mission and initiatives.

Work & Study

Texas Tech University Costa Rica designed the Work Study program strategically both as a financial support system for Red Raiders, and also as a complement to their higher education studies. According to a study made back in 1996 by Robert Eichinger and Michael Lombardo, about 70% of learning comes from challenging assignments (which can be done through work experience). 20% of learning comes from interpersonal relationships that take place outside the classroom, and the remaining 10% is credited to coursework and training, which includes lectures and homework. This 70:20:10 model is the foundation of Texas Tech University Costa Rica's Work Study program.

Red Raiders who join the Work Study program will have the opportunity to work at top notch companies in a variety of industries, allowing them to grow-layout as well rounded professionals and improve their future employability.

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“When I got the news about the work & study program TTU-CR was organizing, I got super excited! Not about the salary that we would be getting (although it's helpful), but for the opportunity to get work experience in prestigious companies. No other University in Costa Rica gives the opportunity to graduate with 3-4 years of working experience.”

-Ernesto Solís

“Being in the Work & Study program has been a lifetime opportunity! Not only I can pay part of my classes, but also learn experience and work tips that are going to be useful in four years from now, when I graduate from Texas Tech Costa Rica!  I 100% recommend taking this chance to everyone; if you are planning to pay the tuition, the books or even if you are just doing it for a hands-on experience you should be involved in it!”

-Javier Echeverría

“I think the opportunity to participate in the work & study program is good for my future employability, because when I finish my career I will have work experience that will open doors that will help me pursue great development in my career. I'm grateful TTU-CR is giving us this awesome opportunity.”

-Santiago Ramirez

“I am very thankful with TTU-CR & Portafolio Inmobiliario for giving me an incredible opportunity of working whilst studying. This not only will have a great impact on my employability but it will also teach me many skills that will prepare me for my personal and professional growth.”

-Andres Alvarado

“The main reason why I choose to join the work & study program has to do with the fact that I wanted to help my parents with the tuition, and of course get some great experience for when I graduate. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity that was given to me by my employer, who in fact are very professional but fun and great to work for.”

-Duncan Mathieson

“My experience with the Work & Study Program has been excellent. Not only does Texas Tech University prepare you for the future academically, but they also grant you the opportunity to gain the practical, first-hand knowledge of the workforce that you will encounter in the future. Also, TTU gives the chance to work with well-known, successful companies of the region, alongside some very experienced people. So far, I have been very pleased with this opportunity and am grateful with TTU for creating this unique and unparalleled program and making it available to all of its students”

-Matias Rodriguez

“I am studying RHIM, Restaurant and Hotel Institutional Management, at Texas Tech University- Costa Rica. I started working at Edulink S.A Texas Tech University's partner in Costa Rica. My experience so far has been great, I have gained a lot of experience through the short time I have been working, but I have definitely improved my skills in excel! The benefits of being able to work and study have been the best, they are very flexible in the hours so they don't interrupt my classes, and also it's on the same floor where I have my classes!”

-Eugenia Ávila

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