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Industrial Engineering

Industrial engineering is a highly demanded career with an exceptional employability rate in the manufacturing and service industry worldwide. Industrial engineers have a huge impact on services such as manufacturing biomedical and high-tech components designing robotics and artificial intelligence to increase the efficiency of our environment. Industrial engineers improve the production of goods and contribute to the optimal use of information, energy and resources.

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77% of our students graduate with a job offer, and 98% land a job on the next 6 months.

Our GoalTo provide a high quality U.S. education that is recognized worldwide: an opportunity accessible and affordable for students in Costa Rica and in the Latin American Region.

In Costa Rica

Costa Rica at least 70 high-tech companies exporting abroad and in high demand for a wide variety of engineering professionals. According to CINDE, companies such as Intel, IBM, Sykes, Accenture, Concentrix, Baxter, Tek Experts, VMware, Resonetics, Bridgestone and many more have expressed a strong need to hire engineers to strengthen their local and international operational profiles.

Recent studies found that the electrical engineering degree has one of the lowest unemployment rates at a national level, thus generating endless job opportunities for its graduates.

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