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and Finance

Texas Tech University-Costa Rica offers the opportunity to take classes as a full-time or part-time student. Tuition is determined by the number of credit hours a student takes per semester. Each credit hour costs $612, and the number of credits varies per course. See below for examples.

Tuition Estimates

*prices are subject to change

Credit Hours per semester Tuition Estimate
9 Credits $5,508
12 credits $7,344
15 credits $9,180
Additional fees per semester (required): Prices include tax.


scholarship program

Texas Tech University-Costa Rica is pleased to announce that it is now offering merit and need-based scholarships covering up to 30% of annual tuition to eligible undergraduates. These scholarships can be renewed yearly, for up to four years, if eligibility remains. These scholarships are only valid on the Texas Tech-CR campus, not at any of the other Texas Tech University instructional sites. Please visit info.ttu-cr.com/scholarships We are always working on offering new financing options for our students. Contact Adriana Loría (adriana.loria@ttu.edu) for more information.

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