COWamongus! opened in February of 2005.  Thanks to the generosity of a TTU/Food Tech Alumnus Daniel Brackeen, the man behind the TCBY Yogurt Chains.  Daniel suggested a partnership between his company Heritage Family Specialty Foods & Texas Tech.  At no cost to Tech he allowed the department access to his company’s licensed materials, equipment & technology in developing dairy products.  Daniel donated the frozen custard machine, a large batch freezer for ice cream, and Starbucks (which was $14,000.00 alone).  COWamongus also houses a retail store; customers can purchase meat and dairy products processed in the building.  Fresh food that is made in the store includes prime rib sandwiches, quesadilla’s, salads, soups and sandwiches, along with home-made ice cream and custard.  The one thing about the store is that we can take a product all the way from the concept to the manufacturing to development and to the product tasting and sensory evaluation all the way to commercialization.  Heritage Family Specialty is made up of Daniel Brackeen his wife Cheryl and their three daughters and three son-in-law’s.  The eight of them came up with the name COWamongus!  The name came from our store here at Tech due to everything within our store is dairy product.  COW AMONG US.  The name is now a trademark