Chemistry Placement Exam (CPE)


Chemistry Placement Exam

Any student required to take CHEM 1307 (Principles of Chemistry) must take the Texas Tech University Chemistry Placement Examination (CPE).  A score of 18 or more out of 35 (greater than 50%) on the Placement Exam places a student into CHEM 1307.  A score of 17 or less out of 35 (less than 50%) places a student into the preparatory course, CHEM 1301.  Please check with your department level advisor to learn if CHEM 1307 is required for your major.

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Student scores will be entered into your texas tech university academic record by 10:00 am the first business day following completion of the test.

Chemistry Bridge Course CHEM 1101

The chemistry department offers a Chemistry Bridge Course (CHEM 1101) which can be valuable for improving your preparation for CHEM 1307.

For students who score between 15-20(43-57%) on the Chemistry Placement Examination, five Face-to-Face sections of the Bridge Course (CHEM 1101 -001 to -005) will be offered August 11-24, 2014. A special benefit of the Bridge Course is that students who scored 15-17(43-49%) on the Chemistry Placement Examination will be permitted into CHEM 1307 if they pass the final Assessment Examination given at the end of the Bridge Course. For students who scores between 26-35(60-100%) on the Chemistry Placemant Examination, an online section of the Bridge Course (CHEM 1101-D01-D20) will be offered August 5-16, 2013.


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Practice Exam
Students may take the practice placement exam any time before taking the real chemistry placement exam.          
Placement Exam
Students may take the placement exam to register for Chemistry 1307.                                                                     
Faculty and Advisors
Chemistry department faculty and advisors can view a students placement scores or other related statistics.