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CPM program:

The CPM program will once again be offered twice yearly. Seats are limited so be sure to register as soon as possible.

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About the Program

The Certified Public Manager (CPM) program is a nationally accredited, comprehensive management development program specifically designed for public-sector managers. Like similar programs in other states, our CPM program aims to address not only the unique challenges of the public management profession as a whole, but also seeks to develop each participant’s professional achievement goals. In this regard, the program integrates a two-pronged approach, focusing on theory and practice.

The program is administered by the Center for Public Service (CPS) at Texas Tech University and operates under the auspices of the CPM Program for Texas, which received full accreditation from the National Certified Public Manager Consortium in 1996. Upon successful completion of the CPM program, participants are entitled to use nationally recognized Certified Public Manager designation in recognition of their achievement and are eligible to become Fellows of the American Academy of Certified Public Managers. A statewide graduation ceremony is also held in Austin.

Proven Success

The CPS has delivered four successful management certification programs. The Lubbock group also represented the largest cohort group to graduate in June 2004. Among the CPM candidates were city managers, agency and departmental directors, law enforcement personnel, and county judges. Overall, the participants have found both the program and the ability to network with their peers to be an invaluable and unique experience. Here’s what some our CPM candidates have to say about our training program:

  • “I leave each session enthused and eager to apply my knowledge.”
  • “The small breakout groups have been very beneficial.”
  • “An array of instructional methods are employed to sustain good class participation.”
  • “The personal experiences [shared by] the participants are invaluable.”

Program Focus

The CPM program focuses on practical management skills, taught primarily through example and group exercises. The CPS draws on local and national faculty resources for training. These resources are drawn from various applied professions, principally from the public sector, as well as academe. Because of the interactive nature of the training sessions and to ensure consistency and quality, the program is limited to 30 CPM candidates.

Lubbock Classroom

The CPM program, conducted in accordance with Consortium accreditation standards, is divided into seven segments, or “Tracks.” The entire program consists of 25 total training days spread over a two-year period. While most assignments or activities are conducted during class times, CPM candidates are responsible for some outside assignments. In addition, a final written project designed to tie together the principal elements of the training is required. Candidates are also expected to complete elective management training of their choice, generally associated with membership in professional organizations or associations. (The latter requirement makes up Track 8, which is completed concurrently over the life of the program. Candidates signing up for Track 1 are automatically registered in Track 8 at no additional charge.)

The overall format is designed to form a comprehensive and integrated practical management program that benefits both the CPM candidate individually as well as the organization that he or she serves.

Track Highlights

Track 1: Personnel Administration
Track 2: Public Sector Leadership
Track 3: Organizational Communication
Track 4: Public Finance
Track 5: Applied Research & Productivity
Track 6: Information Systems for Managers
Track 7: Applied Projects Practicum