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John Mihm

Employer/Position: Retired SVP of Technology for Phillips Petroleum
Academy: Academy 2014, DE 1984

Short Biography

John Mihm attended Texas Technological College, graduating with a BS degree Chemical Engineering in 1964, just before Texas Tech University came to life! John worked for Phillips from the day he left Tech until his retirement in 2003.

Mr. Mihm started in Odessa as an Engineer in E&P, then off to Hobbs in the gas plant business, then a progression of moves in Engineering to Bartlesville, Ok., then, smack over to Ark, Houston as Operations Manager for the Gulf Coast, Stavanger, Norway as Engineering Manager, Bartlesville again as Division Manager for Energy Resources (Fusion, Thermal, Shale, Photovoltaics, etc.), then back to Odessa as Permian Basin Region Manager and from there back to Bartlesville as Vice President of Engineering. Over time, Engineering, R&D, IT all got merged into the Senior Vice President position John had at retirement. It was a lot of fun for John as he was early on designated as Phillip's Representative for Texas Tech University. This let John participate in the formation of Departmental Advisory Boards (We started in Petroleum Engineering and it exceeded our wildest dream, naming its Building and then building the beauty it now occupies) and be on the team that organized the Dean's Council and serving in its early days as President.

John has enjoyed working with Texas Tech, and is honored to have been recognized as a Dean’s Engineer in 1984 and is really excited about the present team lead by Dr. Al Sacco (Who with his team and your help will do the same thing Petroleum Engineering did for Computer Science).

John is now retiring as much as possible from his career with JCM Consulting and focusing on volunteer service in the BSA, National Academy of Construction and many 503-C organizations. Education has always been at the top of John’s list from Texas Tech to Norway to China to Venezuela and back. John shares that Engineering opens many doors and presents endless challenges, he would love to do it again.