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Curriculum & Courses

150−Hour Combined Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Computer Science Curriculum Table

First Year

Fall Spring
Course Hours Course Hours
CS 1411, Programming Principles I 4 fc CS 1412, Programming Principles II 4 fc
MATH 1451, Calculus I with Applications 4 fc MATH 1452, Calculus II with Applications 4 fc
ENGL 1301, Essentials of College Rhetoric 3 fc PHYS 1408, Principles of Physics I 4 fc
Elective*** (Natural Sciences) 4 fc ENGL 1302, Advanced College Rhetoric 3 fc

Second Year

Fall Spring
Course Hours Course Hours
CS 2413, Data Structures 4 CS 2350, Computer Organization & Assembly Language 3
CS 1382, Discrete Computational Structures 3 CS 2365, Object Oriented Programming 3
ECE 2372, Modern Digital Systems Design 3 MATH 2360, Linear Algebra 3
MATH 2450, Calculus III with Applications 4 ENGL 2311, Technical Writing 3
PHYS 2401, Principles of Physics II 4 POLS 1301, American Government Organization 3
    Elective* (Core Curriculum) 3

Third Year

Fall Spring
Course Hours Course Hours
CS 3361, Concepts of Programming Languages 3 CS 3365, Software Engineering 3
CS 3364, Design & Analysis of Algorithms 3 CS 3375, Computer Architecture 3
MATH 3342, Statistics for Engineers and Scientists 3 CS 3383, Theory of Automata 3
COMS 3358, Business & Professional Communications or
ENGR 2331, Professional Communications for Engineers
3 Elective* (Core Curriculum) 3
Elective** (Core Curriculum) 3 Elective* (Core Curriculum) 3
Elective* (CS 3000/4000−level) 3 Elective** (CS 3000/4000−level) 3

Fourth Year

Fall Spring
Course Hours Course Hours
CS 4365, Software Engineering II 3 CS 4366, Senior Capstone Project 3
CS 4352, Operating Systems 3 Elective* (Core Curriculum) 3
CS 4354, Concepts of Database Systems 3 Elective* (Core Curriculum) 3
Graduate Core Course † 6 Graduate Core Course † 6

Fifth Year

Fall Spring
Course Hours Course Hours
Graduate Elective Course †† 6 Graduate Elective Course †† 6
CS 6000, Master's Thesis ^^ 3 CS 6000, Master's Thesis ^^ 3

Additional Information

Minimum hours for graduation: 150
(Note: 6 hours of graduate work are dual counted in place of 6 hours of CS undergraduate electives for the BS degree)

fc Denotes foundational curriculum courses.

* Courses needed to fulfill the university Core Curriculum requirements include:

The 3 hour Multicultural requirement must also be satisfied. It is recommended that when choosing one of the other core electives students choose one from the multicultural list. This will meet both requirements without the student needing to take an extra course. For details, consult the Core Curriculum requirements in the online HTML version of the academic catalog. located here.

** Computer Science Electives: choose from any 3000− or 4000−level computer science courses which are not currently required for the CS major. Click here to view the course listing.

*** See Core Curriculum C. Natural Sciences university−approved list in the online HTML version of the academic catalog − any 4 hour lab and lecture except Physics.

† Graduate Core Courses: Select two from CS 5381, 5383, 5384, and two from CS 5352, 5375, 5368.

†† Graduate Elective Courses: To be determined in consultation with a thesis or departmental graduate advisor.

^^ Master's Thesis: The 6 hours for CS 6000 shown here are only a minimum number; some thesis projects due to their nature may require an earlier start and/or take longer to complete. Also, if pursuing a nonthesis option, substitute 12 additional hours of graduate elective courses to be determined in consultation with a computer science graduate advisor for the 6 hours of CS 6000. Thesis and nonthesis students must also pass the Final Comprehensive Examination as required by the university.