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Summer Workshop: Project Goals

The project aims at capacity building through faculty professional development and specifically by offering summer workshops training to community colleges faculty. The continuous evaluation reduces possible risks and ensures the success of the project.

This collaborative project provides a holistic approach to cyber security education, and to jointly reach out to the public and private institutions that establish the base of future cyber security professionals. This collaborative project between Texas Tech and Angelo State Universities reflects the importance we see in effective cyber security education, the need for development of appropriate education programs that can produce future cyber security professionals, and ultimately higher education faculty. The need for cyber security professionals in all aspects of business and homeland security throughout Texas, and the nation, demonstrates a clear need for the effective development of education programs that produce high quality, prepared individuals to enter the job market in an expanding and demanding field. This workshop program provides the impetus necessary to expand current education programs at the community college level to produce both immediate graduates to fill ever-increasing vacancies, and future student cadres for higher education programs that develop administrators and scientists in the field.

The project's primary goal is to offer summer professional development workshops in cybersecurity with the focus on smart grid security, network security, software security, information and data security, and computer forensics and cyber crime for community college instructors and help them develop their own security-related curricula.