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Jamere (Joshua) Veldez


Analysis and Comparison of Assurance Points with Aspect-Oriented Programming to Assess Iteration and Recovery


Web Service Composition is used to define the logical flow of a business process as well as data transfer points during different pivotal points of the process. Due to the current organization of current web service composition languages, such as the Business Process Execution Language (BPEL), issues regarding access control, auditing, authentication, business rules, exception handling, and classes of service cannot be easily accommodated and often disrupt the current business model. These concerns raise the issue of providing support for crosscutting functionality. Assurance Points (APs) are one current form of crosscutting functionality, providing logical and physical checkpoints within a process that are capable of checking user-defined constraints, invoking forward and backward recovery actions, and using assurance points as intermediate rollback points. Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) is another form of crosscutting functionality that is used to add, edit, and delete current business processes without actually changing the base functionality code. This research has focused on a comparison of APs and AOP, examining the basic functionality of each paradigm and evaluating each approach with respect to the use of iteration and recovery. An ultimate goal of this research is to assess the potential combination of the two paradigms through the integration of APs into Aspect-Oriented BPEL.