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Kevin Brown


Construction of a Hybrid Component-Based Self-Managed Software System


Currently, more and more software systems are increasingly built using software components, such as commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components, open-source components, and In-House components, instead of developing from scratch. Self-management of software systems has been considered to provide more reliable systems, which encapsulate a property of system for autonomously self-managing anomalies at runtime. However, current approaches to self-management of software systems do not address development of hybrid component-based software systems, which consist of both COTS and In-House components. This research addresses an approach to constructing of a hybrid component-based self-managed software system that detects faults in components and reconfigures components against the faults. The main problem in a hybrid component based system is that the COTS and in-house components must communicate effectively which is also addressed by this research. This research describes a method for designing and implementing a self-managed system composed of both COTS and In-House components. The elevator system is used for a case study.