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Shiloh Huff


Design of Robotic Oriented Thinking to Help Youth (D.O.R.O.T.H.Y.)


This research has focused on the enhancement of a graphical coding environment that can be used to program 3D objects while offering the ability to communicate with robotic agents in the real world. More specifically, this research effort enhanced the capabilities of the scribbler robots in the virtual world of the Alice 2.0 software. Previously, the scribbler robots were capable of movement and object detection. As a result of this research, the integrated 3D/robotics framework now supports the capability to produce vocalized speech and sound while having the ability to detect light and take pictures. Furthermore, connection between the software and the scribbler robot has been refined, allowing for a simpler setup process. Lastly, an install script was implemented to allow for simple installation. The enhanced environment is known as Dorothy., which stands for Design of Robotic Oriented Thinking to Help Youth. Dorothy is being used as a teaching tool to stimulate interest in computing. The enhancements made as part of this research project create additional image and audio capabilities that can be used for teaching computational thinking.


Shiloh Huff - Poster